I don’t know what I want. can you help?

YES! I’ve helped thousands of clients over the years to figure out their own tastes and style, but my specialty is determining what will work for your lifestyle as well as visually inspires you! Pinterest is a great resource for ideas; I can even get a feel for your taste in jewelry from home styling or clothing inspiration!

How much does it cost?

My initial consultation is completely free. Each design is based on each individual request, so there are many factors which result in a price; the metals required (will it be heavy or petite?), stones used (are we re-using your own or providing something special?). Once we’ve discussed your wants and needs, I can give a price range for your special design. If you have a particular budget, please let me know so I can design something that will work for you!


How long does it take?

Many variables factor in to the timeline for your custom design. This can depend on the time of year, wait list, and shipping time frames. If you have a particular date in mind, please let me know right away so I can do everything possible to accommodate you.

I saw something I love online - can you copy it?

The beauty of custom design is that inspiration can strike from anywhere! I’m happy to incorporate design elements from your favorites, however as a person who creates custom art, I feel it’s important to have integrity in design, so I will never directly copy an existing design. Plus, if you’re making something special for you, why make a ring that was perfect for someone else?